When you have a motor accident, it is a distressing situation, your concerns will lie with making sure everyone is safe. Afterwards, your insurer may be your first port of call, and you may think they have your interest at heart, and it is very easy to be led by them. You may well feel that you just want to let them sort everything out and not worry about anything.

But can you trust your insurance company? Do you know your rights?


Remember it is your vehicle and you can choose who repairs it. Many insurers have networks of so-called “approved” repairers and they may try to convince you to have your car repaired where they choose.

In its 2014 investigation into Private Motor Insurance, the Competition and Markets Authority found that “Competition between repairers to obtain business from insurers is focused on low cost rather than high quality...”

The so-called ‘Approved repairer’ scheme operates for your insurer’s convenience and not yours, and you should retain control over the choice of who repairs your car; after all, car ownership is the second biggest expense that you are likely to have.

Your insurer may request their approved repairer to use non-original equipment manufacturer parts (non-OEM) or second hand ‘recycled/green’ parts when fixing your vehicle. These are not recommended by your car’s manufacturer, may not be of the same quality, and may also invalidate your car’s warranty or affect its structural integrity, leaving it in a less safe condition. The combined effect of this is that it could also reduce the value of your vehicle.

There are times when the use of these non-new manufacturer parts can save a vehicle from being written off. However we believe this should be YOUR choice and not your insurance company’s.

Using us as your repairer, we work for YOU, we will engage with your insurer on your behalf to ensure your vehicle is repaired using the correct manufacturer approved repair methods using only manufacturer’s parts unless YOU request us to do otherwise.

Don’t be unduly influenced by insurer’s suggestions of delays and extra costs if you don’t do what they say. You are entitled to consider the benefits of dealing with the repairer of your choice. Remember you are not obliged to have your car repaired at an insurance company nominated repairer.

Should your insurer try to stop you from using ourselves please contact us on 028 7035 8080 or email us on immediately and we will take action on your behalf to stop this happening.